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Fast forward to today and how to lose belly fat fast is still one of the more commonly searched health and fitness topics of all time.

That’s why today I’m going to show you exactly how to lose that stubborn stomach fat and start carving that sexy stomach.

And it’s all backed by science.

There are 5 main causes to a pesky belly bulge.

#1. Overeating

Kind of obvious, here but it needs to be said.

The main culprit of belly fat is consuming too many calories leading to weight gain and stomach fat.

And the main way to lose the belly fat is reducing fat all across the entire body.

#2. Hormone Imbalances, Specifically Cortisol

High amounts of the stress hormone cortisol have been linked to higher abdominal fat distribution.

Other hormonal issues have also been linked with slow weight loss and difficulty for the body to properly uptake nutrients.

So it’s just as important to get your hormones in check as it is to make sure your diet is aligned.

#3. Bloating

Missed by a lot of health professionals, bloating certainly doesn’t help with belly fat.

This is usually caused by high sodium intake, excessive carbohydrate intake, and can even be a sign of food intolerance.

#4. Age

The older you get, the harder the process of losing belly fat will become.

You can get a flat stomach at any age, it will just take more effort when you are 50 than when you are 20.

#5. Alcohol Intake

Studies have shown that certain types of alcohol are directly correlated with stubborn belly fat.

And if your overall goal is to lose fat, cutting down on alcohol intake is a simple solution that really works.

Here’s how to lose belly fat, actually backed by science!!

1. Chow Down on fiber rich foods

Studies have shown there is a direct relation between fiber intake and reduction of belly fat

The type of fiber you want to focus on is viscous fiber.  These are the types of fibers that bind to water and slow down the digestion process.

It can be found in beans, vegetables, and whole fruits

2. Cut out the two S’s – Sugar and Salt

Sugar is turned into fructose in the body which gets stored as visceral fat.

There are also plenty of studies that show how sugar increases belly fat, causes cravings, and is ultimately TERRIBLE for the body.

Cut it out of your diet.

There’s also similar problem with salt.

The high salt intake in an average diet causes stored water weight and lots of belly bloat.

Reducing salt intake to between 1500mg and 2000mg per day will usually result in an immediate reduction in belly bloat.

3. Drink Green Tea or Coffee Before Workouts

Studies have shown that adding in caffeine before workouts

-Increases work output
-Helps burn more calories
-Shows a greater reduction in visceral fat

The best two healthy sources for caffeine are black coffee or green tea.

Drink 30 minutes before exercise for more gainz and less belly fat!

4. Add Apple Cider Vinegar into The Diet

Apple cider vinegar is uniquely effective for weight loss and eliminating stomach fat.

Its ability to regulate blood sugar and curb appetite is also awesome for overall health.

Studies have also shown that those who consume 1 -2 tablespoons daily have a significant decrease in visceral fat than those who do not (study).

You can watch our video about it here if you’d like…

5. Regulate your sleep patterns.

For every hour of sleep the body gets that is fewer than 8, the chances of visceral fat increase.

If you’re only getting in 6 hours a night, you’ll likely have a 22% increase in the gain of visceral fat (study).

There’s a reason lack of sleep is associated with cravings, high cortisol levels, poor skin, and other health issues.

Get 8 hours of high quality sleep every night.

6. Eat More of These Fats

A study done by Swedish scientists showed a strange result.

Those who ate lots of polyunsaturated fats lost more visceral fat, lost more weight, and gained more lean muscle than those that ate other fats (study).

Polyunsaturated fats can be found in fish, nuts, and seeds

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