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How to get rid of stubborn belly fat | how to lose Stubborn Belly fat | burn belly fat

The question of how to get rid of stubborn belly fat is on the forefront of almost every one of my clients minds. Everyone has a little excess fat somewhere on their body even some of the most athletic people in the world. However, belly fat seems to be a common issue for both men and women.

To lose stubborn belly fat you must first identify if what you have is stubborn fat to begin with. In my video I make a joke of this, but it is seriously true. Many people assume just because they have some fat on their belly that won’t go away, it has to be stubborn fat. This is not at all the case, and when tackled from this angle the question of how to lose stubborn belly fat is impossible to deal with.

If you have not already done a strict diet and workout regimen for at least 16 weeks at some point in your life then, I don’t believe that you can accurately say if you have stubborn belly fat or not. The only way you can do that is by first burning almost all of the remaining fat from the rest of your body. Your body works in a way in which it won’t over use energy. This is a byproduct of evolution through spending much of our history hungry and starving.

Our body is smart and it knows where to store the fat in order to maximize its use. If you take a dumbbell and hold it in your hand extended out in front of you, it’s going to be a lot harder than attaching it to a belt and wrapping it around your waste. Due to this fact the body stores fat mostly in our center because it wants to not burn excess fat if it doesn’t have to. This is the first preferable spot that the body chooses for fat storing, and also unfortunately the last spot it chooses to give some fat up for energy. Before your body chooses fat from the belly it will first choose fat from your hands, toes, and face because these spots are distant from your bodies center, and these fat stores cost more calories to maintain.

Since it is impossible to spot reduce or target fat burn you’re going to have to burn off all the other fat from the rest of your body. If you already did that then you are just about to start burning your belly fat. My number one tip is DO NOT STOP. Why would you ever quit trying to lose your stubborn belly fat when you are just about to do it. Many people will follow a 16 week cutting phase and then quit when they don’t see a six pack. Your six pack is on its way just don’t give up!

To speed up the process of getting that six pack and to get rid of belly fat fast you must have a reset day. A reset day is where you eat more carbs and essentially cheat a couple times in the day. For clients on reset days I recommend that they have 4 carb meals in the day; preferably the first four meals. I would do 2-3 reset days in a row if you have been dieting for 6-16 weeks, especially 16. By doing a reset day you will spike your metabolism back up and continue burning fat.

Another thing you can do is up the cardio. That’s right if you were doing 3 days a week of cardio bump it up to 5 days a week. Also you can change frequency, intensity, type, and time to burn more calories from cardio.
Incorporate a hiit program to burn more fat after your workout. Do some exercises back to back to speed up your heart rate and make your body work harder during recovery. Also you can incorporate some high carb and no carb days to throw your metabolism for a loop and keep it guessing. This will surely help you burn away stubborn belly fat. Remember, if you give up you won’t be burning any stubborn fat, so keep going if you want to remove belly fat, do not give up.

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