Belly Fat Workout | Truweight

Belly Fat Workout | Truweight (Combination of Slow & Fast Movements)
Weight Loss is not just about getting skinny, it's also about getting healthy and fit. Check out this middle body workout that involves Sun Salutation, Plank Position, Strengthening the Back etc.

1) Start with Sun Salutation (Stretching & Warm-Up):

– Inhale & Exhale
– Get into plank position
– Get into inverted V
– Back to starting position (Next for the other leg)

2) Getting into Plank Position

– Those who can't go for plank, squeeze you legs & reach your arms.
– Get into plank position.
– Bring your knee up

3) Waist Workout (Side plank)

– Lift upper-body, squeeze waist. (10 reps)
– Do that on the other side.
– Roll on to your stomach and rock it!
– Back to start position

To enhance the heart rate, go for Sun Salutation again.

4) Working on your abs

– Lift your leg and upper body & exhale!
– Squeeze your mid body
– Drop your legs on one side and bend your upper body (Lift up & keep looking up)

5) Working on the oblique muscles

– Cycling exercise.

6) Strengthening back muscles

– Knees as wide as your hips
– Hands directly under your shoulder.
– Press the floor and curve your back.
– Push your abs towards the floor. (Repeat)

End with Sunsalutation but do it faster this time.

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